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Win Contracts by Unraveling Your Complex Sales

  • Sales cycle lengthened?
  • Contracts getting larger?
  • RFPs getting more complex?
  • Win Rate lower than it should be?

I improve results for sellers to government or business, responding with a formal proposal. This is a “complex sales” cycle, and my specialty. More strategy than a straight sales call, more opaque than a consultative sale, complex sales require “exquisite execution” of strategy developed from your gathered intelligence.

What can be accomplished? Plenty! I’ve raised win rates from 40 percent to 70 percent in firms of over 2500 employees. I train executives, SMEs, technical experts, scientists and proposal teams. How is your firm performing?

Ask me how I support good people doing great things , like winning $750 million in new contracts. I will tell you honestly what your prospects are. If you are ready for unvarnished advice, call me.

I’ve worked with many clients over the years, so my resume is lengthy. My blog provides insight into my methods. Contact me now with questions about your situation.

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Laura Ricci, Proposal Expert
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