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Building Dynamic Teams

A. Typical Staffing for a Team

1. Outline critical skills for team

2. Set Requirements of Skill Levels

3. Screen Candidates for Minimum Requirements

4. Hire from the Shortlist.

5. Hope for synergistic effect of teambuilding.

B. Staffing for a Dynamic Team

1. Outline critical skills for team, being optimistic about the qualities you want.

2. Realize that some of these skills are probably opposing skills, or aptitude complimentary, so no one will do all of them exceptionally.

3. Set minimum requirements for all skills as low as possible, then lower 10 percent more!

4. Require outstanding skills in at least one skill
"Hire a few genuine off-the-wall sorts – collect some weirdoes. Curious and the occasional gap in the resume are not enough. We need some real kooks. If we want original products, they're likely to come from original people. What else would you call Ted Turner, George Lucas, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick? Original they are…Weed out the dullards, nurture the nuts." – Tom Peters

5. Screen Candidates for all skills at minimum levels.

6. Second, screen all candidates for "Star quality" in at least one skill.
"We are looking for the Spikes" says Rob Fipp, Director of College Recruiting for Trilogy. "That Singular trait separating the great from the great."

7. Hire from the Shortlist.

8. Staff to collect as broad a range of "Stars" as possible, offsetting weaknesses in other team members.
How do you recruit Stars?

9. Expect synergistic effect as team members learn to volunteer their strengths and give away their weaknesses.
Everyone likes to work in their 'Star" area, and there is no shame in delegating away tasks in which you are weak because the entire team has some weaknesses offset by obvious strengths. "Will you proof this for me? I'll be glad to write that content for you!"