My Process Wins

Since 1989, my win rate is 85 percent. The team I trained for Radian International enjoys a “hit” rate of over 85 percent. This team now leads “must win” proposal efforts for URS, one of the largest engineering firms in the world.

When a government agency found themselves needing to write a competitive proposal, they contacted me to help them do this because they knew the quality of proposals under my guidance was outstanding.

    I work with each client to figure out how best to use my services:
  • Support for a specific proposal may be needed. I can join you for proposal review, strategy development sessions, or directing rehearsals for Oral Proposals. (My hit rate on Oral Proposals is 100%) Contact me for Short term consulting.
  • You may need extra hands to get out a proposal, acting as proposal manager. coach, or as a member of the proposal team for a large procurement. Contact me to work on your proposal.
  • Training is often based on my book, The Magic Of Winning Proposals. click here to see a map of the Winning Proposal process. I train executives, SMEs, Technical experts, and proposal teams.

    No organization is completely broken. I customize my training and incorporate your “working parts.” This reduces the learning curve so your organization sees how the tools I bring fit in with their “working parts,” rather than advocate an overhaul of your vocabulary and practices.

    My specialties are training in: Business Development, Strategic Sales, Marketing Plans, Proposal Strategy, Proposal Development, Virtual Teams and Oral Proposals. Contact me to discuss training.
  • I train proposal teams by working internally as a proposal manager and coach, and then move out of the picture as your own staff become accomplished. Contact me to discuss support for your team.

  • A few years ago, you’d win with a complete, professional response. The competition tended to throw together proposals that came across as haphazard and missed the critical details necessary to win.
    Today the competition is tougher. Everyone is publishing a professional proposal and responding to the requirements. The winners go several steps further in order to win:
  • Strategy from your pre-RFP marketing is incorporated into every page of the proposal.
  • The customer’s issues are answered in the proposal, whether they pertain to the project at hand or not.
  • The decision makers remember more from your winning proposal.

The bar is always rising. If you need to keep up with the competition, regular review of your practices to be sure you are current is necessary. Contact me now to learn how I can help you succeed.