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One Riot, One Ranger

Photo of Laura Ricci There is a saying in Texas, "One Riot, One Ranger." In the old west, a Texas Ranger was considered the ultimate authority to quell disturbance. With blazing guns, or whatever means the Ranger appropriated, desperadoes would be vanquished, crowds dispersed, women and children protected.

Only one Ranger was sent, because one Ranger can design a solution to any crisis. The Ranger recruited local resources, and implemented the solution.

This is also my approach. In most cases, I find resources within your current organization to join in the project. I also keep in touch with a network of competitors and complimentary firms and consultants. When the job requires special skills, I find the resources to join us. When the job requires extra hands, I'll invite my own competitors to join us. Sometimes the project needs someone different than myself. In that case I'm happy to refer you to that help.

Some folks become consultants because they have nothing better to do. I worked for years to acquire the type of experience my ideal clients would need. This isn't a lark for me. It is, as Abraham Maslow said, "My task, my vocation, my beloved work."

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