Ricci Ancestors

(1522 – 1590) Prioress of the Dominican Convent of San Vincenzo, Prato. One proof of her faith was a coral ring which appeared on her finger during spiritual raptures when she relived Christ’s passion. She offered advice and counsel both in person and by letter and was considered uncommonly effective in her work. She was beatified under Cardinal Prospero Lambertini’s sponsorship, who later became Pope
Benedict XIV.


FABIO RICCI (1930 – 2002) Chemical Engineer, worked around the world for various global organizations, opening new chemical plants in Colombia, China, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and India. His talent is in communicating changed project schedules and outcomes for plants in trouble.

FRANCO MARIA RICCI – Publisher in Italy. Best known for museum quality publication of precious art objects and rare text. Sought after as a power-publisher, with well-known authors citing FMR as their publisher.

GREGORIO RICCI-CURBASTRO (1853 – 1925) invented absolute differential calculus which became the foundation of tensor analysis used by Einstein in his theory of general relativity. Einstein had several false starts until he studied Ricci’s work and realized it was the foundation he needed.

LORENZO RICCI – (1703-1775) Leader of the Jesuits from 1758 until his death while incarcerated in 1775. The Vatican was intimidated by the aggressive nature of the order’s missionary ventures and promulgation of "heretic" scientific endeavors. Once his protector, Pope Clement XIII died, Lorenzo along with his staff were imprisoned in an attempt to crush the order. Lorenzo died two years later in Castel Sant’ Angelo in Rome.

LUIGI RICCI was a translator with his most notable translation being The Prince . Little else is known about Luigi Ricci’s work in the shadows of other’s innovation. [Back]

MASSIMO RICCI (1946 – ) was born in 1946 and is an Architect and instructor at the University of Florence. The cupola of Santa Maria Del Fiore of Florence is the largest existing brick structure in the world. The size of the dome required a new construction method, which Brunelleschi proposed, but insisted on keeping secret. Since the completion of the dome in 1436, no one has been able to figure out how the dome was constructed, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and others. In 1977 Ricci began puzzling over the problem and proposed a solution in 1982 which was mathematically proven correct in 1983, and a scale model was built in 1985.

MATTEO RICCI – A Jesuit mathematician who learned fluent Chinese and established the first successful mission in China after others had failed and been expelled. Taught mathematics and published books in Chinese on mathematics, geometry and science. His earliest publication was a booklet in Chinese entitled On Friendship with 100 short observations about friendship.

NINA RICCI ( – 1968) Haute Couture designer in Paris France during the 1940s. Best known in the United States for a line of perfumes.

OSTILIO RICCI (1540 – 1603) was Court Mathematician to the Grand Duke Francesco in Florence in 1580 when Galileo attended his lectures in Pisa. To Ricci, mathematics was a philosophy and a way of looking at the cosmos. Galileo asked Ostilio Ricci, his mentor, to meet with his parents and persuade them to allow Galileo to take up mathematics and abandon his medical studies. Even with Ricci’s offer to personally manage Galileo’s education, Vincenzo Galilei, needed a year to adjust to the idea of his son leaving medical school. Ricci recognized Galileo’s genius and in his instruction showed Galileo how mathematics could be applied to profitable enterprises.
Reference book: Galileo: A Life, by James Reston, Jr., published by Harper Collins 1994

PAOLO RICCI (1928 – 1979) was a Civil Engineer specializing in CPM scheduling of large complex projects, predominately in the United States. Trained at Wayne State University and University of Detroit during the 1950s and consulted on complex commercial and government building projects with demanding schedules.

RUGGERO RICCI (1954 – ) is an artist living in Rome, Italy. He has been displaying works publicly since 1977 and works primarily in oils.

RUGGIERO RICCI (1918 – ) American violinist who gave his first performance at age 10. He has performed regularly throughout the United States and in Europe and has taught at Indiana University, the Juilliard School of Music and the University of Michigan, http://www.music.umich.edu . He is currently retired in Salzburg, Austria.
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But those which soonest take their flight
Are the most exquisite and strong –
Like angels' visits, short and bright;
Mortality's too weak to bear them long.

words of John Norris submitted by Alistair Campbell


"Laura inspires, teaches, writes and thinks at lightning speed. What she adds is special and how she adds it is very special; it vaccinates our teams into new thinking and new ways to communicate our ideas. Laura Ricci does something else — she builds our staff's confidence in their strengths and pulls out of them, to remember in the future, what special qualities they add to our efforts here. Her contribution is…a way of life, business, ethics, and our fun!"
— Gwen Eklund, EPRI

"Once you understand how the system works you can manage smarter. By installing a process, Laura was able to coach our marketing staff to an 85% win rate."
— Don Carlton, CEO, Radian International LLC


"She is well suited at working directly with clients to help them identify and position themselves to pursue new business opportunities. Her ability to relate strategic marketing business concepts to specific issues of interest to a particular client, brings a high degree of credibility and legitimacy to what she says. Once Laura made herself available to help and we all realized our best course was to just "deliver ourselves" to her. She brought direction, focus, and coherence to the group and the group was totally pleased and successful." ;            
— Leslie Barras, JD, Radian International LLC

"Consistently motivated those working on her tasks to meet her high standards. Her instructions to staff were always clear and concise. Communication of problems (with recommended solutions) to management were frank, timely, and clear."
–Wayne Speetzen, Radian International LLC

"She learned and understood the client's needs and priorities and was instrumental in translating that information into a strong proposal that convinced them of Radian's technical capability and competence. As a result of this proposal, the client has a heightened appreciation of us. Laura's preparation and participation on the team that carried our message into the interview were a significant contribution to building our long term relationship with this client."
–Wayne Speetzen, Radian International LLC

"I've worked with consultants in both areas, management AND marketing. Laura's the only person I know who bridges the gap between them. Her program had the competition complaining of an unfair advantage."
–John Dallen, former VP Nolte & Associates

"Laura designs innovative solutions to complex problems that help her clients stand out from the crowd…this distinctiveness often makes the difference in a selection decision."
–Randall Yim, Deputy Director of the Sacramento County Department of Military Base Conversion

"Laura is one of the best (if not THE best) managers I have ever worked with. She is extremely task oriented and always considers the needs of the organization over her own.
–George Wilkerson, Ph.D., Dr.Write

"Just wanted to let you know that your record is still intact. We were awarded the contract for the Coast Guard The Ports and Waterways Safety System. We did extremely well. The presentation in particular was very very well received. That was what won it."
–Tim Kinsella of Lockheed Martin


"I wanted you to know how much we appreciated your presentation. I heard many positive comments from the Judges, Board Members and Staff about how much they had learned. We could all identify "gatekeepers" who had frustrated many of our projects and your recommendations for successfully managing them was greatly appreciated. Our only regret was scheduling so little time! "
–Al Lopez of Rural Capital Area Workforce Development Board


The Magic of Winning Proposals:
…and you thought we had a lot to learn!!! (and we do…thanks so much for all the insight you provided in your seminar.) It was one of the best organized and most informative I've attended. Thank you!
–Jayne Herring of Gas Research Institute


"I especially appreciate your attention to the highly sensitive nature of our proposal efforts…I think your efforts helped keep the competition from finding out what we were up to."
–James Clary of Radian International


"The storyboard process set the pace for the entire effort. I would have been lost without it."
— Richard Parker of Gas Research Institute


"Great job on the training. In my 8.5 years here, this is the first internally-developed training class worth taking! Keep up the good work."
— Karen Miller of Radian International


"Laura was a great coach for our oral presentation to a key client. With her help we were successful in winning a $20+M contract.”
— Jeffrey R. Miller , Group Leader, URS Corporation