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The Magic of Winning Proposals by Laura Ricci

Welcome! You’ll find here the complete story of how to magically transform the process of proposal writing into the Magic of Winning. Click here for a map of The Winning Proposal process. The high point in the story of Peter Pan comes when Tinkerbell is dying and Peter turns to the audience and asks those who believe in fairies to exclaim that belief, because that’s what keeps Tinkerbell alive. Unfortunately, there are those adults who believe that a winning proposal is also magical. “All you have to do is believe,” they say. “It’s like magic; some people have the touch, and some don’t.” Well, the fact is that Winning Proposals isn’t magic at all. But there is some fairy dust in every proposal that wins. The good news is that no one owns the fairy dust; anyone can use it to write a Winning Proposal. This manual uses some of that fairy dust, and if you use these tools, the next time you write a proposal, you’re likely to have people believing that you have found the fairy dust, too. Buy your e-book at Amazon for Kindle, or Apple’s iBook store for iPad. the-magic-of-winning-proposals